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Change room rates immediately with our easy to use Motel Price system. Super bright display. Very easy to install! Very easy to operate! Making it the perfect marketing tool.

An easy to use hand held remote that works up to 100 feet away is included with all the MP series.

Time & Temperature displays are the newest developed LED display for showing the current time and temperature at your current location. Just Install and connect the power. The time will be auto set by GPS for increased accuracy.

Color Choices: Red / Pure Green / White / Yellow

Gas station displays are the next step in displaying digital pricing for your station. They offer a much easier and more convenient way to display and edit your prices. These displays can be controlled using a computer or by a wireless remote key pad console. Control up to 16 display units in one location.

With 16 levels of brightness, these displays read easily at night without being too bright. Gas displays are big, bold and bright giving gas stations an improved modern look.

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